During this time of quarantine, keeping kids entertained becomes all the more a difficult process. But sites like Netflix come to our absolute rescue. Now, Netflix has hundreds of movies to choose from. But how do you decide which one of those is appropriate for your child?

So here are our top ten picks for children to watch. The movies on this list are entertaining, appropriate, values-oriented, and wonderful in its creation. Let’s check it out. 

  1. The Karate Kid (2010)

    This version which was released in the year 2010 was a newer version starring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith. It discusses the struggle of a mother whose husband dies and so she is forced to move to China with her son for a job. There, the son is bullied in school. So he undertakes martial arts lessons and overcomes the bullying to become a strong young boy. The process of a child steadily overcoming fear is deal well in this movie. 
  2. Despicable Me (2010)

    This is a hilarious movie about a villain named Gru and his journey with three daughters that he adopted from an orphanage. The story is made hilarious with funny creatures like the minions who help Gru to win against his enemy Giza. The relationship between the father and his daughters is adorable and refreshing. The film highlights the aspects of family, love, and unity.
  3. Hook

    This very imaginative and entertaining Spielberg film is about how a father rescues his children from his nemesis that comes as a pirate. The story revolves around a plot that takes the setting to an imaginary land with characters like Tinker bell who are confused as to support the father or the Enemy. The story deals with aspects like Loyalty, crisis management, and love.
  4. Hugo

    This very heart-warming movie brings most people to tears. The movie is about a young orphan who lives by the railway tracks and oil clocks and machines. One thing leads to another and he finds himself in the middle of a mystery involving his dead father’s automation experiment and inventions. As he works on it, he is faced with many challenges. But the end is sad as the final print of the invention is run over by a train. The story’s realistic ending helps to make children understand that not everything ends well. It deals with the emotion of sadness, perseverance, and determination very well.
  5. Spy Kids

    The movie Spy Kids is a very entertaining action-comedy film which is set in contrasting worlds- a regular life and an imaginary high-tech world. The story revolves around a pair of siblings Carmen and Juni who follow their secret agent parents in their journey but quite discreetly. They make sure their parents are free from danger while they do their jobs. This movie helps kids to widen their imagination, understand the importance of families, and the plain old good and adorable sibling rivalry. 
  6. Kung Fu Panda

    This is a hilarious movie series that revolves around a world of talking animals in China. The hero is Panda Po who saves the place from the Evil Kung Fu warrior Tai Lung who escapes prison and tries causing unnecessary problems to the land. The story is a comedy film which helps children look at animals in a different light. The movie dwells in aspects like loyalty, obedience, and unity. 
  7. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

    This movie revolves about a boy Charlie who is invited with a golden ticket to the chocolate world, Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory. The world is beautiful with candy and chocolate. The problem occurs when five other children are also invited causing absolute mayhem. The movie very carefully addresses aspects like chaos, greed, and anger in a way that a child can easily understand. Moreover, the lovely chocolate factory will keep the child enthralled- hoping to be a reality.
  8. Arthur Christmas

    This is a beautiful Christmas as to how Arthur the son of Santa delivers a Christmas present to a girl with a lot of difficulties as the sleigh machine breaks down. It shows how Arthur struggles to do all this without her seeing and before she wakes on Christmas morning, thus saving Christmas. The story is such a feel food Christmas movie which helps children believe in the tale of Santa, the joy of sharing, and love. 
  9. Tarzan

    This is a classic movie about an orphaned boy Tarzan who is brought up in the forest by animals like the gorillas and boars. Tarzan happens to fall in love with a girl named Jane who comes with her British father as part of an expedition to the forest. The story ends with the decision that Tarzan makes- whether to embrace the new civilization of humans or to grow and live in the forest forever. This movie helps children understand the value of nature and animals in a new light and learn to make decisions by following their hearts as Tarzan did. 
  10. Bolt

    This cute movie is about a dog named Bolt whose mission in life his to save his owner, Penny. The dog has superpowers as he is genetically mutilated by Penny’s father to help keep her from danger. Penny gets kidnapped by the evil Dr. and Bolt tries to save Penny from him. The story helps children to assimilate values like owner-pet relationship, love, loyalty, strength, and difference between good and bad. 

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