In India, the coronavirus pandemic is spreading like a ‘fire in the woods’. This virus had everyone and every sector of India on their knees. The union health ministry has confirmed cases from Rajasthan and many more states from the country.

The schools and other educational institutions are getting affected like anything, so let’s have a look at what schools are doing.

Panic over the spread has pushed several institutions to suspend their classes that were to be held physically. In Jaipur, the SRN international school has chosen to extend their Holi-break and they also suspended their morning assemblies for the whole week before Holi-break.

The students were asked to bring their sanitizers and masks in order to stop the spread and this handled a lot of situations. The statement, “We have asked students to prepare for their exams at home itself”, given by Pamela Sharma, the vice-principal of the school tells that precautions were being taken already.

This school has also extended its admission and registration date.

Jaipur government decided to promote the students till VII standard on the basis of their average marks. This was because of the extended holidays after Holi-break and no hope of reopening of the schools and conduct of the examinations in a shorter while. So the government decided to promote the students on the basis of their average marks.

Also, during this, all the offices and the incomes of the individuals started to get affected by one way or the other. This made the parents unable to pay the fees’ on time. And this made the fees a big problem to be dealt with as soon as possible. So the schools in Jaipur decided to extend the date of fee submission in order to avoid the chaos. This not only helped the parents but also, the administration to deal with this systematically.

The spread of the coronavirus pushed the State government to turn some of the closed schools into isolation and quarantine hubs. But they are being sanitized from time-to-time. The whole delayed situation in education, made the teachers and students work harder from their home through online means of communication. The education online is taken seriously and because of this, the private schools in the state are yet to declare the summer vacations for the students.

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