Latest news on Education – Mizoram

Another beautiful state in North-East India, Mizoram has not had a very drastic number of COVID-19 cases but has been vigilant and is taking precautionary measures to make the existing situation better. In the scenario of education, there have quite a few interesting events taking place in the state. 

After a decision was taken by the Mizoram Independent School Association, the private schools across Mizoram will be taking only 50% of the fees during the lockdown period. The schools have also been urged to exempt poor students from paying fees during this period. (Source: NDTV)

The Mizoram Government has been on their toes to help ease the struggle students were facing due to the closing down of schools in this lockdown period. So the Government has started to air virtual classes via television. These classes run through the week- Monday to Saturday on the Doordarshan Kendra Aizawl channel. The classes cover subjects like Mathematics and Science for class 10 students and now plan to start classes for other standards as well. (Source: NDTV)

In April when the Mizoram Government decided to resume the 12thstd Exams, angry students took to Instagram to protest against it under the hashtag, “mbse no exam no risk”. They believed it compromised the safety of the students and was also violating lockdown guidelines. (Source: NDTVTOI). This led to the Government rethinking its decision. It finally decided to postpone its exams until further notice. (Source: Hindustan Times)

Just like most states in India Mizoram has also struggled but the initiatives that they have taken, as we see above, can be used as a model for other states to improvise and follow.

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