As we all know Goa became the first Green Zone of the country, and this allows the School board to announce the dates for the School Exams pending since long time.   Exams require a huge gathering of people which in return can lead to a huge spread of this pandemic. And to stop this, the condition for the conduct of the exams remains that the state must be green zone. We not only have local students but the board consists of foreign and outstation students as well. So, to avoid traveling, the state launched a special form so that these students can remain in their home town and give the exam. This form has to be filled and submitted online only, avoiding any kind of physical contact.

Goa set its Xth board exam date to begin from May 21, 2020. And yes, this will be in physical form only. Because of Goa remaining in the green zone, the government has given it, the access to conduct exams physically. The students will come to the exam hall with their sanitizers, gloves, masks, and uniforms.

The XIIth board has also been taken into consideration. the dates have not been released yet, but the guidelines regarding the seating arrangement have been posted. They say, only 12 students will be allowed to sit in one exam hall and with their required social distance of at least 3ft..the students are told to also carry their masks, gloves, and sanitizers.

The students taking board exams are to submit their details and school details online for their admit cards and other documents, this resulted in no gathering and precautions from this pandemic. What about the SSC exams? The SSC exams to be held in Goa from 21 May 2020 only. These exams will either be taken online or offline. The guidelines regarding this are yet to be posted. The student returnees are to answer the SSC exams separately but within the told date only.

The colleges are also taking care of themselves and the educational structure, and that is why they had decided to conduct their Goa Common Entrance Test likely in early July.

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