United Nations honors West Bengal CM Mamta Banerjee for the highest public service award for girl child education scheme i.e. Kanyashree Prakalp Scheme.

United nations honored West Bengal in The Hague, the Netherlands for its amazing educational services and schemes. Mamta Banerjee was handed over the highest prize in United Nations Public Service Award. The award for state government known as the KanyashreePrakalp (girl child) Scheme which was already introduced as an Educational scheme for girls.

Kanyashreeprakalp scheme is an initiative from the government to improve the lives and status of adolescent girls that belong to poor and backward backgrounds and was launched by Mamta Banarjee in October of 2013.

This scheme provides financial and mental help to the girls by supporting them educationally and also by affecting their mindset by encouraging them for studying, also to guide the girls from rural and backward families on how they can study and also do their household and when taught properly, can support their families financially. This helps them to encourage them to study further and to take their education beyond just reading. The more they learn, the more they teach.

Around 500 million US Dollars were transferred directly to beneficiaries’ bank accounts through the scheme. This scheme came into light when Mamta Banerjee promoted this and told everyone to give their contribution to this. This scheme was implemented by 16,000 institutes and schools.

This scheme focused upon the increased education, attainment of knowledge, no child marriage, financial included objectives, and also taking the state’s education further by these women and girls.

This scheme also managed to prevent child marriage, because before this scheme, the girls were unable to do anything for their families or to support them in any way but after this, they studied and became an asset. So this prevented child marriage in the state.

This scheme also received an appreciation of UNICEF. West Bengal in the Asia-Pacific group for category-‘Reaching the poorest and most vulnerable through inclusive services and participation’, this category helped them to identify who exactly needed help and who wants to be attended first. This category included the poorest and most vulnerable as the above statement states. This is how the scheme worked and came into light. This scheme helped more than 20,000 female candidates who wanted to study but didn’t have any source to support them.

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